R’ Avrohom Zweiback: Make Shalom in My Zechus


handshakeThe following is a letter submitted to Matzav.com by R’ Avrohom Zweiback. May R’ Avrohom have a refuah sheleimah:

Hi, it’s Avrohom Yisroel Yehoshua Zweiback. I would like to thank everyone for being mispallel for me. I just had my fourth relapse of ewing sarcoma in the spinal area and I am currently paralyzed from the waist down. Hashem will help and one day I will be able to walk and use my legs again.

I want to relate a moshol that I heard from Rav Moshe Rabinowitz shlita. A lady asked her husband to borrow oil from a neighbor, so he takes garbage bags and asked for oil. She says, “Sorry, wrong keili for oil. You need a cup.” Then she asks her husband for flour, so he goes with a yard shovel. Again he is told that it is the wrong keili

A person goes to Hashem and says, “I need a bracha, like parnassah, yeshuos, and refuos.” Hashem says, “What should I pour it into? Ein kli machzik bracha ellah hashalom…the only way to get bracha is shalom (peace).”

I am asking whoever can to please make shalom, in personal matters or with friends, as a zechus for me. The reason why I picked shalom is that even though a person may be right, he tells Hashem, “I will make shalom anyway and therefore You should also look the other way even thought I did aveiros. In this case, AYY Zweiback doesn’t have the zechuyos and nissim on this magnitude, but since I am being mevater, You should also look the other way with ourselves and him.

Yasher koach.

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  1. Avi you are in our tefilos all day and every day. You are uniting us together and to our father in heaven. We are waiting to read the good news of youre complete recovery!

  2. refuah shleimah. Whats his mothers name? Maybe we could all add some extra tefilos for this great yid. Especialy on purim is an opportune time to daven.


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