R’ Arthur Schick z”l


candle[Shivah and updated info below.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of R’ Arthur Schick z”l. He was 84.

R’ Arthur, R’ Aryeh ben R’ Dovid Yosef, is known best for the catering business he ran for so many years. More importantly, Arthur was an outstanding baal chesed, who helped countless people in a variety of ways, with hatzneiah leches.

Mr. Schick was born in 1930 to his parents, Rabbi Dovid Yosef and Renee Schick z”l. When Arthur, the oldest in his family, was just eight years old, his father passed away. Arthur became the father figure in his family, showing remarkable strength and fortitude in face of great challenge, showing the leadership skills and sensitivity for which he would later become known.

Mrs. Schick used her skills to support her family by baking challis that she sold, and this undertaking ultimately led to the establishment of Schick’s Bakery in Boro Park.

Arthur spent his formative years at Yeshivas Rabbi Jacob Joseph (RJJ) on the Lower East Side on Manhattan, where he was one of the first talmidim to earn semichah.

In 1958, Arthur married his wife, Dorothy, nee Bachman. Arthur ultimately established his catering business, A&D Catering, which he ran with his wife, serving as a pioneer in the contemporary field of kosher catering.

In addition to being involved in many mosdos of Torah, chinuch, and chessed, through his business Arthur assisted so many yeshivas, organizations and individuals.

R’ Arthur is survived by his devoted wife, Mrs. Dorothy Schick; his siblings, R’ Marvin Schick, R’ Allen Schick and Mrs. Ruth Malitzky; and his children, R’ David Schick, R’ Michael Schick, Mrs. Rivky Kranz, Mrs. Linda Lev, Mrs. Miriam Roth and Mrs. Ilana Schwartz.

The levaya will take place today, at noon, at Shomrei Hadas Chapels, located at 39th Street & 14th Avenue.

Shivah details to follow.

Update: The Schick family will be sitting shivah at 712 East 17th Street, between Glenwood Road and Foster Avenue, in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

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