Quinn: NRA Plan To Avoid Mass-Shootings Is ‘Stupid, Asinine’


gunNew York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn slammed the National Rifle Association’s suggestion on how to prevent further school shootings.

As WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported, Quinn – an anticipated mayoral candidate – was livid over the suggestion by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre calling for an armed police officer or security guard in every school in the country, and she did not hold back in describing the organization’s statement.

“Some of the most stupid, asinine, insensitive, ridiculous comments I have ever heard in the public arena” was how Quinn described LaPierre’s remarks as she raised her voice in discussing them.

Added Quinn, “I don’t understand with all those little coffins being rolled out in Newtown, how they can believe the answer is more guns.”

LaPierre made the remarks Friday in response to the massacre in Newtown, Conn., a week earlier that killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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  1. And who’s going to pay to buy all those guns? All that ammunition? All the training for the guards? That’s a lot of money, and guess who will get it? The NRA’s sponsors in the gun industry would make a mint, and you and I would pay the bills.

  2. Does anyone really care what the liberal democrat Christine Quinn thinks? It is truly because of politicians of her ilk that we have tragedies of this kind in our society. All they do is make law after law after law that do absolutely nothing against the criminal element in this country. Wake up you foolish politicians and realize one thing… Criminals don’t obey the law, period. The only thing your restrictive gun laws do is keep honest law abiding citizens from owning guns for self protection and sport. Maybe it is time to try putting properly trained and screened armed guards in schools. We haven’t done any better with the thousands of laws already on the books against guns in school zones. Why pass more feel good useless legislation? How about we start restricting the availability of violent video games and other such things that are the real cause of these nut jobs going on mass killing sprees? I’ll bet that will never happen.

  3. i guess stupidity is rubbing off from the liberals. does anyone really believe that oulawing guns will stop the bad guys? how many shootings have there been in ny which is known to have tough gun laws. but lets remember not to confuse the libs with the faCTS

  4. How about simply training teachers to carry weapons and protect the schools? Presumably if the teachers at Sandy Hook carried weapons and knew how to use them they could have shot the killer and stopped the massacre. In Eretz Yisroel teachers routinely carry guns to protect their students. Why should the US be any different?

  5. But that IS the answer. Plain and simple. Security isn’t necessarily cheap but it can protect the life of innocent people. Is this so ridiculous that she is livid!? Liberals, I will never understand them.

  6. I hate Ms. Quinn! If enough idiots vote this Muscheses in, the City of NY is finished! If you think Bl$$mberg is bad, just wait till this piece of filth comes to power!

  7. Typical left wing response. When you can’t win in the arena of ideas just insult your opponent with righteous indignation . Notice his she did give any cogent answer as to why the NRA idea is wrong. She just hurls insults. The NRA statement is rational and would be a very affective deterrent. that is why the NYC police department places armed officers in areas where they perceive that there is a threat or something of value that needs to be protected.
    I like the absurdity of her comment where she is incredulus that the NRA thinks more guns is the answer. When a student was shot in Murrow high school in Brooklyn this year, The response was an overwhelming armed police presence the next few days. When we have people shot the politicians always ask for more funds for more police. But when the NRA asks it is horrible. The hypocrisy and intilectual dishonesty of the American left is sad and predictable.

  8. Notice that Quinn did not explain WHY the NRA’s idea is asinine, stupid, ridiculous, whatever. She just stated that it is and then played on people’s emotions by talking about little coffins.

    That is how the left responds to anything and everything.

    The NRA is right about one thing: the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun get there first. Criminals, nutcases, sickos etc. will always, always get their weapons.

  9. #11 – No, if there’s an armed guard you just shoot the armed guard first. Hand grenades work pretty good too, and you’d be surprised how easy they are to get. Or of course you can rig one yourself.

    When you put a single guard up against a nut case armed with an AR-type assault rifle, the guard hasn’t got a chance. You’ve got to take the combat-style firearms out of circulation – period. Regular long guns and handguns, fine. If we can criminalize pot-smoking we can criminalize semiautomatic weapons whose only purpose is to kill people.


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