Question Remains: What Will Rise at Ground Zero?


ground-zeroAs the eighth anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks approaches, it’s become increasingly clear that the grand design for rebuilding the area will take decades to be fully completed. That’s if it ever is at all. Five skyscrapers were all supposed to rise by early next decade to replace the ravaged World Trade Center. Standing on the site now, the sweeping design unveiled 6 years ago still hasn’t materialized.

The most symbolic pieces of the puzzle at ground zero are taking shape.

The Freedom Tower’s frame is several stories above street level. Work has begun on one office tower and continues on underground elements of the $3.2 billion transit hub. The memorial pools’ outline and plaza have filled in a swath of the site.

{1010 WINS/Noam Newscenter}


  1. What takes 17 years to build can be destroyed in one hour. And when you try to rebuild over the damage look how long it takes. Just like loshen Hora!!!!!


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