Putin Proposes Scrapping Visas Between Russia, US


putinRussian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday proposed to visiting US Vice President Joe Biden that Russia and the United States take the “historic step” of abolishing visas between the two countries.

“If the United States and Russia agree to implement a visa-free regime before Russia and the European Union, then this would be a historic step in our relations,” Putin told Biden.

“This would break all the old stereotypes between Russia and the United States.”

Efforts by Russia and the European Union to agree visa-free travel between the two sides have continued for years without making substantial progress.

This appears to be the first time Putin has suggested cancelling visas with Moscow’s main Cold War foe.

{AFP/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. So that the Kremlin can spy on us?

    Tovarishch Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich, we have not forgotten your friends who were caught last year!


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