Posting Signs On Public Property? Expect Fines


flatbushCouncil Member Simcha Felder launched an outreach campaign this week to raise awareness of the City’s strictly enforced ban on placing fliers or posters on telephone and utility poles and other public property. On Monday, Felder mailed hundreds of letters to community based organizations and yeshivas informing them of the details of these rules. “Individuals, community based organizations and businesses need to better understand this law and the fines they face for violating it,” says Felder. “I strongly discourage anyone from posting signs on public property for any purpose, including charitable events and religious meetings.”Felder added that his office has received numerous calls from individuals and organizations who have received thousands of dollars in fines from the Department of Sanitation for violating this law by posting illegal signs. He noted that the Environmental Control Board is the only body with the power to reduce these fines.

City law prohibits any person from posting, painting or affixing any type of handbill, poster, sign or sticker upon any public property including telephone and utility poles, parking meters, trees, and traffic signs. Violations carry a hefty penalty of $75 to $150 per violation for a first offense and up to $250 for repeat offenses. There is a rebuttable presumption that any person whose name, telephone number, or other identifying information appears on any sign is in violation and subject to these fines.

Felder encouraged those with questions to call 311 or to attend one of the Community Board meetings listed below where he, along with Department of Sanitation representatives, will be present to discuss this law and respond to questions.

Community Board 11: June 11, 7:30PM at Holy Family Home,1740 84th St.

Community Board 14: June 15, at 7:30PM at P.S. 249 (Caton Ave & Marlborough Rd.)

Community Board 12: June 23, 6PM at Community Board 12 offices, 5910 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Community Board 15: June 30, 7PM at Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Blvd. (Room U112)

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  1. we need the same rules and laws in lakewood. such a chutzpah what they do there besides the boosha they cause to the gedolim pictures which end up on the pavement and run over by passing cars


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