Pope: Israel-Palestinian Stalemate ‘Unacceptable’


abbas-netanyahuPope Francis called the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate “unacceptable” as he landed today in Bais Lechem in a symbolic nod to Palestinian aspirations for their own state.

Previous popes always came to the West Bank after first arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel. Francis, however, landed at a Bais Lechem helipad from Jordan aboard a Jordanian helicopter and immediately headed into an official welcoming ceremony and meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Standing alongside Abbas, Francis declared: “The time has come to put an end to this situation which has become increasingly unacceptable.” He said both sides needed to make sacrifices to create two states, with internationally recognized borders, based on mutual security and rights for everyone.

“The time has come for everyone to find the courage to be generous and creative in the service of the common good,” he said.  Read more here.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Yeah, even Hamas?! Hamas is an official part of the government.Maybe he should have a private meeting with the heads of Hamas and feel them out.

  2. Israel does not have a stale mate with the oppressor of the palestinian agenda. The reality is that it is a death match lead by hate against human tolerance. This is a death match and to call it a stale mate diminishes the reality of G-d being in control of human affairs.

    Never Again.

  3. If Gaza stopped throwing bombs over to Israel there would be peace immediately, and yes stop the suicide bombers coming over and blowing themselves up and others. Peace immediately if that happened. I wonder what the pope would say if one of their neighboring countries started throwing bombs at the vatican and having suicide bombers in vatican square?


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