Poll of Israelis: Netanyahu Will Get Along Better With Trump


A plurality of Israelis think Israeli Prime Minister BibiNetanyahu will get along better with Donald Trump if he’s elected as president than with Hillary Clinton, a new poll released on Sundayshowed.

According to the poll conducted by TNS/Teleseker for Israel’s Channel 1/Mabat, 42 percent of Israelis believe the Israeli Prime Minister would get along much better with a President Trump, while 32 percent think Netanyahu would have a better working relationship with a President Clinton. The remaining 26 percent did not know or had no opinion.

The Channel 1 poll also showed that 42 percent of Israelis think Clinton is the preferable presidential candidate from the standpoint of Israel’s interests, while 34 percent think Trump would be better for Israel. Clinton also leads Trump in the popularity contest. Sixty-eight percent view Clinton favorably, while only 14 percent view her unfavorably. Trump has a favorability rating of 43 percent with an unfavorable rating of 37 percent. [JEWISH INSIDER]



  1. The best one for Israel is Ted Cruz who still may win.
    If not, Trump is second best.
    The democrats are not good for Israel.


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