Police Honor Citation For Heroic Rav Nechemiah Lavi Hy”d


Police Chief Roni Alshich confirmed that a police honor citation will be given to Rav Nechemiah Lavi, 41, the maggid shiur killed last October when he rushed from his Old City home to try and save Aharon and Edel Banitto from a terror attack.

“It was a very moving call,” Lavi’s wife, Neta, said when Alshich phoned her with the news. “We are moved to be told of this before a year passed. Nechemiah did something superhuman; he went out to help others knowing he might be hurt. It is good to see that the country has not forgotten and that the Israeli police appreciate it.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Can you imagine?! The zionist police yemach shemam are giving him a citation when all he did was try to help someone and lost his life while doing it?! All the police care about is going after frum people and trying to hurt them. This is why all our gedolim have told us that zionism is the workings of the satan!

    • You are obviously confused by the title ( which I was too) or did not read the full article- it said HONOR citation and his wife was called about an award/honor they will be giving him that recognizes his heroic deed on the day he was killed, r’l’. I do agree that the word used “citation” was confusing as it is usually used for a ticket or somethingnegative. Thankfully this was a good article!


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