Lakewood Police and Hatzolah Statement On Recent Incident


lakewood policeAs reported several weeks ago here on, a Lakewood Hatzolah volunteer was ticketed at the scene of an automobile accident to which he had responded. In response to questioning and requests for clarification regarding the incident, Lakewood Police Chief Rob Lawson and Hatzolah Administrator R’ Mordechai Senderovits have released the following joint statement:

“At a recent motor vehicle accident, a member of Hatzolah received a summons from a Lakewood police officer. When there is possible danger to life, tensions can run high. Our past history has been one of cooperation with very few incidents such as this most recent one. Both of our organizations wish to recommit to working hand in hand for the safety of our citizens. There will be continued training and effort to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. We have a longstanding professional relationship, with the utmost respect and confidence in each other. We intend to continue to work together to serve our community and provide excellent emergency services when they are needed.”

R’ Mordechai Senderovits, Administrator, Hatzolah EMS

Robert Lawson, Chief, Lakewood Police

{ Newscenter}


  1. Very impressed with Chief Lawson. In this case he could have easily, and possibly rightfully stood up for his officer, and instead he has decided to peacefully diffuse the situation.


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