PM: Six Stabbed in Toeivah Parade Are ‘Children Of Us All’


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu did not attend a rally against hatred and incitement held in Tel Aviv on Motzoei Shabbos but sent a prerecorded clip.

The rally, like similar assemblies in Yerushalayim, Beer Sheva and Haifa, was held to condemn both the stabbing of six people at the toeivah parade on Thursday, and a terror attack against a Palestinian family, in which their house was firebombed and their year-and-a-half old baby was killed. The parents and another son of the Dawabsha family are hospitalized in Israeli hospitals, suffering extensive burns.

The rally was dedicated to both events but Netanyahu’s message, prepared in advance, referred mainly to the stabbing in Yerushalayim. He said that “In every society there are extremists and murderers on the fringes, including ours. But the measure of a society is how the center and the leadership respond,” he said.

“At these moments, a 16-year-old girl is fighting for her life in a hospital in Jerusalem. She is a student in the high school next to the university. This is the high school I went to, that my children and friends went to and go to. This attack was against all of our children,” he said.

“We reject this hatred outright,” he said. “We will do whatever is necessary to draw the lessons from this [incident]. But the most important lesson is accepting the other even when they are not like you. And I strongly disagree that doing this goes against Judaism.”’

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  1. If they are children of us all, we would tear kriah and send them away. Shame on Netanyahu and his confused views. Or perhaps they should have been sent to our other brothers the Arabs, who would have killed them and their families, and blamed the Jews causing Bibi to stop all Jewish construction. Sounds nuts? Look at recent history.

  2. They’re using the stabbing ,to push a seismic revolution in the country’s consciousness

    If heaven forbid ,we soften on this ,we should file a religious global chapter 11.

    These parade goers are part of global movement ,pushing a social transformation that Judaism views as worse than murderers.
    Their insidious goal is to bring ” the middle Israeli” such as kachlon supporters over to their side and then ram through the Knesset…..

    Whether the fellow who stabbed was crazy which he surely was ,and whether his actions are counterproductive , we all emotionally ought to feel the same as him

  3. MR.PM :
    What IS Judaism.?

    Shaking a Lulav? This is more fundamental
    Davening?This is more fundamental
    Kashrut?This is more fundamental
    Shabbat?This is more fundamental
    Yom Kippur?This is more fundamental

  4. But when the other people are doing actions that are severely against the teachings of Judaism — like what the Toeiva people are doing — for us to accept what they are doing as being OK will then mean that we too are going AGAINST Judaism!!

  5. Before finding what’s wrong with what the PM said, identify with what is right. The guy who stabbed 6 people did the wrong thing. The PM said that “the most important lesson is accepting the other even when they are not like you.” We can disagree with someone’s actions and viewpoint without rejecting his/her value as a Jew and a human being. That is the PM’s message, and that is correct. Choose another day to focus on the abomination that this group stands for. Today appreciate that there is a girl fighting for her life in a hospital and, b”H, she will heal. Then you can teach her about G-d’s Love.

  6. I am greatly heartened to, Boruch Hashem, see the wonderful excellent comments, numbers 1 – 3 and 5, from “chaimz” and “Cohen” and “steve king” posted here. You all perfectly expressed what has to be said here about this horrific march and expansion of Toeiva, Rachmana Litzlan.

  7. He’s saying what he has to he is a politician. However shame on some of the “frum” media outlets who should know better for not condemning the parade strong enough and only focusing on the one Meshugene stabbed who isn’t supported by anyone

  8. #6 ” We can disagree with someone’s actions and viewpoint without rejecting his/her value as a Jew and a human being

    The same applies to the one who stabbed,agree?


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