TOMORROW: Play 2 Inspire – Tuesday evening, August 11


inspireTreat your kids, your grandkids, and your inner child. Let off some steam, enjoy a great Tournament, or watch the live streaming show online.

For the second time, JInspire is hosting a larger and more interactive Softball game, with the participation of former Yankees slugger Cecil Fielder, who will be taking photos & signing autographs during the games and live streaming show.

This multi-level competitive tournament, to take place this Tuesday evening, August 11 at North Woodmere Park, 750 Hungry Harbor Road in Valley Stream, is an event like none other.

Musical entertainment and a special presentation by the one and only Charlie Harary, delicious BBQ provided by Gourmet Glatt, and a chance to Win Big are just some of the perks. The unique and snazzy raffle prizes, for those who help sponsor this event, include two tickets to the World Series, plus first class travel and limo service. There is also the promise of 20 free tickets to Yankee Stadium or Citifield for the winning team and their friends!

This interactive Softball tournament is an opportunity to play a great game with family, friends, and the less affiliated. It’s a Kiruv opportunity, night of fun, and great game at the same time. You will be involved in a happening project will affect the Jewish community in an enduring way.

Don’t kid yourself. It isn’t just about Softball. The highly anticipated JInspire event, financed by corporate sponsors and players who are raising support, will provide the opportunity for JInspire, a division of Project Inspire, to bring many more Moms and Dads on a ten day inspirational trip to Eretz Yisroel.

During the past number of years, JInspire has brought over 1000 men and women, mostly parents of young children from less affiliated homes, to a life-altering trip to Israel.  These inspirational events, run by trained and caring mentors, help these parents reconnect to their heritage in a life-altering way, which then filters down to their children.

From visits to the kotel and other holy sites, to campfires and singing, sightseeing excursions and powerful lectures, the JInspire trips have been the catalyst to reunite hundreds of families with their traditions, connecting them to something real and vibrant.  They are learning, growing, and making lasting changes in their lives.

The relationship between the JInspire mentors and trip attendees isn’t just a one-time event. It’s a powerful, year-round relationship that has spawned enduring friendships and brought young families back to their roots. In fact, many of the mentors report that they feel they gain more from the trips than the participants!

On one memorable trip, one of the mentors was helping his group find a place to stand and connect with Hashem at the Kosel. One participant approached the leader, with tears streaming down his face, and asked, “Are we coming back? I am not finished yet.”…and that was just the beginning.

Play 2 Inspire: It’s not just an evening of fun and entertainment. It’s an investment in our nation’s future.

Step up to the plate. Unfortunately, the are NO MORE OPENINGS as all the spots have been filled, but you can still join as a sponsor by going to Let us share the opportunity to change lives with a great game.

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