Pieces from Old Yankee Stadium Go On Sale: $120 for Dirt, $1500 for Seat


yankee-stadiumBidder up!
Fans can now own a piece of the old Yankee Stadium starting today when collectibles from the famed ballpark hit the auction block. The Internet auction, run by Steiner Sports, entitled the “Yankee Stadium Legends” will close on July 24 and features 1,500 items. “The closing of the original Yankee Stadium marked the end of an era in sports history, but today is the beginning of an opportunity for people throughout the world to own a piece of America’s  past and the great Yankees tradition,” said Brandon Steiner, Founder and CEO of Steiner Sports.The items, including a Yankees bat rack from the home dugout and the “Courage Tradition Heart” sign that was located above the awning of the Yankees front office entrance, will be immediately available through the auction.

Each week, additional pieces will be offered on the Steiner site.

In addition to the online auction, authentic stadium-related memorabilia will be placed on sale immediately, including:

– Pieces of live sod from Yankee Stadium: $120

– Pairs of seats: ranging from $1499 – $1999.

– Final Season crystals with dirt from the original stadium: $80

– Original bricks from Monument Park in a glass case with etched Yankees logo: $150

By comparison, a pair of seats from Shea Stadium cost fans $869.

“We are excited to give our great fans a chance to take home a piece of the Yankee Stadium legacy through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said New York Yankees COO Lonn Trost.

The city, who owned the old ballpark, will pocket $11.5 million from the sale.

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