Photos: Special Children Center Pre-Pesach Shabbaton


One of the Special Children Center’s many respite programs is a pre-Pesach Shabbaton. The long weekend gives the families some extra time during the hectic erev Yom Tov frenzy.

Thank you Yeshiva Yesodei Hatora and Rabbi Treff for opening your doors each and every year to The Special Children’s Center and allowing us to pull together a hugely successful Shabbos Hagadol Shabbaton! Over 100 special needs children and volunteers enjoyed a stimulating and uplifting Shabbos.. As the cars began pulling up on Friday afternoon, the excitement could be seen across the children’s faces as they ran to greet their friends who came to join them. The kids went up to the dorms and were beyond excited to be away together for a sleepover!

The children went to the park and met new friends from the neighborhood who were all so welcoming. At shalosh seudos we had a singalong, and talent show by our very own super stars followed by a kumzitz where each child chose their favorite song for us to sing. Before we knew it, Shabbos was over and we went outside to have havdolah under the stars. The parents picked up their showered and ready for bed children, all expressing how grateful they are and how much this weekend means to them.

Our boys division had a beautiful getaway last shabbos where the Center boys were treated to a weekend Retreat at a hotel in New Jersey . A group of over 80 enjoyed beautiful seuda’s with lots of singing, lively dancing and interactive activities. There was a full program to keep them entertained on the long day. We ended off the Shabbos with a delicious Melava Malka from Circa and Singing and Dancing with Yaakov Shwekey. As the busses loaded Sunday morning it was evident from the smiles on every child’s face what a wonderful Shabbos they all experienced.

We’d like to thank the most amazing volunteers and coordinators, Rabbi and Mrs. Danziger, Rabbi and Mrs. Uhr., Rabbi and Mrs. Katlowitz,Rabbi and Mrs. Yoffe and of course Rabbi and Mrs. Reichman. Yasher Koach! Hashem should repay you all with much bracha and hatzlachah.

Chag Kosher V’ sameach
The Center Family


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