Photos: Skeletal Remains of Bombed-Out Bus#12, Driver “Knew It Was Terror Attack”


Moshe Levy was the driver of Bus#12 that was blown up today in Yerushalayim by an explosive device planted by a terrorist.

Levy says that he knew when he heard the blast that it was aterror-related.

“I was sitting in traffic, at about Derech Moshe Baram in Talpiot, when, suddenly, there was a boom from the back of the bus. Right away I knew that it was a terrorist attack.”

Levy and others were taken to Shaare Tzedek Medical Center. Boruch Hashem, his injuries are minor.

The explosion took place in the back of the bus. The terrorist who planted the bomb was seated nearby, in the back of the bus. It is not clear if he planned for it to be a suicide mission, but he survived nonetheless.

It is also not clear if the terrorist wanted the bomb to go off at that point or if he had planned to detonate it at a later juncture, when more people would be on the bus. These details may be clarified as the investigation continues.

Levy said that he “opened the doors to save people” and the “people ran quickly. I ran to the cars stuck in traffic and told them to call the police because there was an attack.”

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad praised the bombing and said that it “sends a strong message that the intifada is continuing.”

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David Steger – Israel



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