Photos: Pirchei Agudas Yisroel Annual National Siyum Mishnayos

Over 1,100 boys attended the 53rd Annual National Siyum Mishnayos of Pirchei Agudas Yisroel al shem Harav Yehoshua Silbermintz zt”l. The siyum took place at the Kol Yaakov Hall in Flatbush. Speakers included Rabbi David Ozeiry, Rabbi Chaim Krauss, Rabbi Labish Becker and Rabbi Ephraim Levi.
The event was chaired by Rabbi Fischel Schachter. Kaddish was recited by Mr. Abe Eisner.
Chaim Edelstein hadran Dais IMG_6020 IMG_6038 IMG_6042 IMG_6056 IMG_6067 IMG_6096 Mr. Abe Eisner Rabbi David Ozeiry Rabbi Labish Becker Rabbi Yehoshua Grunfeld Rabbis Schachter and Levi


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