Photos: Palestinians Continue to Celebrate Kidnapping By Giving Out Food, Making Merry


palestinian sweets7

palestinian sweets8

palestinian sweets17

palestinian sweets10

palestinian sweets11

palestinian sweets12

palestinian sweets13

palestinian sweets14

palestinian sweets15

palestinian sweets16


palestinian sweets38

palestinian sweets37

palestinian sweets36

palestinian sweets35

palestinian sweets34

palestinian sweets33

palestinian sweets32

palestinian sweets31

palestinian sweets30

palestinian sweets29

palestinian sweets28

palestinian sweets27

palestinian sweets26

palestinian sweets25

palestinian sweets24

palestinian sweets23

palestinian sweets22

palestinian sweets21

palestinian sweets20

palestinian sweets19

palestinian sweets18


palestinian sweets40

palestinian sweets41

{ Israel}


  1. Why show pictures of rashiyim gemurim???
    ?? ????? ???? ??? ???!
    This is not the type of news that the NY Times would print.

  2. who cares about these crazy reshoyim & we wouldn’t care if they were all killed. let them start fighting against each other & killing themselves

  3. This is just slavery induced by hate and ingratitude for human suffering and its reality. This is a godless way of life and anyone who learns honor from a distraught sincerity is a criminal against human tolerance. This godless display only shows how dispolite that this godless pagan culture and dishonorable home of hate is in the world of human affairs. To actually enjoy building your physicality (eating) by removing any soul of suffering for the reality of hates involvement (the kidnapping) is to call upon the day of your own unrest to be come you own understood reality of last resort and suffering for the reannealment of lost self worth.

    This culture you observe in the photos above is garden variety difficulty for the entire nefesh/animal soul to be productive in a world that does not let the animal have anything but a pen to rest its illiterate example.

    Palestinians today are pagan style dog food eating style lost values and they are really looking for Hashem to remove any conditional kindliness for human achievement for their own productive futures.

    To think that you can feed yourself dainties to produce a culture of self-importance and higher restitution on human scum is to really just place your own honor aid and dignity on the last voice of your own infraternal involvement in human time and tolerant dreams.

    A ghost would be more professional.


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