Photos: Misameach Hosts Unforgettable Birthday Party for Chaim Levi


DSC_3871 (2)On Sunday November 8, 2015, Misameach hosted a special birthday party, bringing joy and happiness into the life of a special birthday boy, Chaim Levi.

The birthday was graciously hosted by Maurice and Michelle Zekaria of Deal NJ, in their beautiful home. Over 100 people attended the birthday party, which included the talented band headed by Betzalel Bree. The singers included the famed Yaakov Shwekey, together with Berry Weber and Chili Posen.

There was a delicious hot buffet for everyone to enjoy throughout the party, and expensive gifts were given to the elated birthday boy.

This beautiful party was one Chaim Levi will remember for a very long time, for it was truly a special event to witness.

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