Photos: Mesivta Keren Hatorah 19th Annual Dinner


Mesivta Keren Hatorah held its 19th annual dinner at Ateres Reva Hall. The dinner was dedicated in memory of the beloved menahel of the yeshiva, Rav Moshe Eliezer Rabinowitz zt”l.

The bais medrash dedication by the Friedman family was presented l’illui nishmas R’ Yechezkel Naftali ben R’ Binyomin Zev Friedman z”l.

Mr. Isaac Reichman of Toronto received the Rav Moshe Rabinowitz Memorial Award.

The Parents of the Year Award was presented to Rabbi and Mrs. Moti Gobioff. The Alumnus of the Year Award was presented to Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Felder.


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