Photos: Israeli Police Find Weapons Hidden in Car


Yesterday, Israeli Border police undertook a search at a used auto parts lot in Rahat utilized for the dismantling and sale of spare car parts. The police searched for illegal weapons.

During the search, police dogs placed a hit on one of the vehicles. A border policeman began to look near and inside the vehicle. A thorough search of the vehicle revealed stash of weapons under the rear seat.

The officer pulled off the seat and found multiple weapons, including an M-16 assault rifle and several cartridges.

Two Israeli Bedouins suspects, ages 21 and 39, were arrested.

2016-09-06-PHOTO-00003757 2016-09-06-PHOTO-00003758 2016-09-06-PHOTO-00003759 2016-09-06-PHOTO-00003760 Israel News Bureau


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