Photos: Hikind Participates in Bobov 45 Talmud Torah Science Fair


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was proud to attend the Bobov 45 Talmud Torah Science Fair yesterday that saw 225 children, grades 5-7, present science and social studies projects. The visit marks the latest of several ongoing educational fairs the Assemblyman has participated in over the past year.

“It was just an amazing experience; I was so excited to witness how enthusiastic the students were in presenting their projects,” Assemblyman Hikind said, who described the enthusiasm as infectious. “As always, I was proud to attend, and even more proud of the parents that were invited to partake in the learning experience. They certainly reaped the benefits of their children’s education.”

Added Hikind, “In the future, I look forward to attending even more of these educational events, and hopefully, will see more parents attend as well. The enthusiasm that the students, parents and rebbes exhibited throughout this entire process is nothing short of remarkable. I will continue to pursue attending these events. We should continue to encourage these types of educational fairs throughout our community.”

bobov45_sciencefair_2 bobov45_sciencefair_3 bobov45_sciencefair_4 bobov45_sciencefair_5



  1. Why does this article not mention that Simcha Felder was there too as is evidenced in the photos you provide above!?
    What, is he chopped liver?


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