Photos: Gedolim Are Menachem Avel Mishpachas Dunner


menachem-avel-at-dunner-10[Photos below.] As reported here on, last week Klal Yisroel suffered the passing of Rabbi Aba (Avrohom Moshe) Dunner zt”l, one of the foremost askanim in the world, who devoted his life to the furtherance of Yiddishkeit and protecting the mesorah of Torah.

Rav Aba was predeceased by his son, the renowned baal chessed, Reb Bentzion Dunner of London. He is survived by his wife, Charlotte; by three sons, Yitzchok, Zev and Pini; and a daughter, Hadassah Leblanc. He is also survived by his eight siblings. His brothers include Rav Eliezer Dunner, rov of the Adas Yisroel Shul located in Maayenei Hayeshua Hospital and member of Badatz Shearis Yisroel (Bnei Brak);  Dayan Aharon Dovid Dunner of London;  Rav Yehudah Aryeh Dunner, rov of Bais Medrash Divrei Shir (Bnei Brak), Rav Boruch Dunner, assistant principal of Manchester Seminary, Rav Shimshon (Shampi) Dunner , senior rebbi in Mechina of Manchester; Rav Mordechai Dunner and Shimi Dunner.  His only sister Shula is married to Rav Simcha Bamberger of Manchester.  He was predeceased by his brother, Reb Shloime Dunner z”l. (Click here for our earlier report.)

See below for photos of gedolim being menachem aveil brothers of Rabbi Dunner z”l in Bnei Brak. Among the gedolim who were menachem avel are Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein, Rav Yisrael Meir Lau, Rav Ezriel Auerbach and others.

{Yair Newscenter Israel}


  1. Quite unbelievable, a person so given over to the klal and yet he was so sick for so many years. It’s no wonder such tsadikim came to minachem uvel.


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