Photos: Fire Destroys Two Bungalows at at Pine Tree Bungalow Colony in Monticello, No Injuries


pine tree 1

pine tree 2

{ Newscenter}


  1. From someone who’s house burned down from a fire – I think that comment is extremely insensitive. Firstly bh there were no injuries which must have been total neisim, secondly do u know what it’s like to lose all your clothes and possessions….

  2. What a stupid comment will get money from insurance, as a CLOSE relative to one (of the two) that lost EVERYTHING, I can tell you as a fact that he just got a call back from his insurance agent and they’re NOT paying him a penny! (as it’s a add on which he didn’t have for his boro park apartment)

  3. If they do get paid, is what you meant to say

    BTW what they do get will never cover to rebuild is it was, forget about upgrading


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