Photos: Day 1 at the BMG Daled Minim Shuk 5777


[Photos below.] During these days preceding Sukkos, Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, is a hub of activity as residents go about purchasing Daled Minim and other Yom Tov needs. A “shuk” type of atmosphere pervades the area outside of the yeshiva‘s main building, where vendors of all ages sell Daled Minim and sukkah accessories in and around the yeshiva‘s large sukkah. At the same time, there are minyanim held throughout the afternoon and night in the yeshiva‘s botei medrash.

PHOTOS OF DAY 1 AT THE SHUK (Walden Studios for Matzav):

daled-minim-1 daled-minim-2 daled-minim-3 daled-minim-4 daled-minim-5 daled-minim-6 daled-minim-7 daled-minim-8 daled-minim-9 daled-minim-10 daled-minim-11 daled-minim-12 daled-minim-13 daled-minim-14 daled-minim-15 daled-minim-16 daled-minim-17 daled-minim-18 daled-minim-19 daled-minim-20 daled-minim-21 daled-minim-22 daled-minim-23 daled-minim-24 daled-minim-25 daled-minim-26 daled-minim-27 daled-minim-28 daled-minim-29 daled-minim-30 daled-minim-31 daled-minim-32 daled-minim-33 daled-minim-34 daled-minim-35 daled-minim-36 daled-minim-37 daled-minim-38 daled-minim-39 daled-minim-40 daled-minim-41 daled-minim-42 daled-minim-43 daled-minim-44 daled-minim-45 daled-minim-46



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