Photos: At the Levayah of Legendary Gabbai Tzedakah Rav Chaim Yosef Goldberg zt”l


rav chaim yosef goldberg (2) rav chaim yosef goldberg (3) rav chaim yosef goldberg (4) rav chaim yosef goldberg (5)


  1. Can we hear more about this tzaddik? I never heard of him. Just heard the car announcing his levaya for hours with such special titles only given to a tzaddik… The other chareidi newssites just speak about the levaya and the envelopes while I think we can all gain from hearing about who he was and what he did….

  2. What a wonderful special talmid chochom. he learned with no desire for fame or prestige. And every day he treckked the back streets of Yerusholayim finding people in need and helping them. His partner in chessed is David Cohen who used to own Millers Cheese Store on the lower east side many years ago, and moved to Israel to devote his life to chesed. Dovid runs around the globe, raising money without taking a nickel for himself, cracking jokes and discussing food….. while Rav Chaim was the exact opposite serious and discreet in the extreme…. Also never took a penny for himself, pure chesed and Torah learning. חבל על דאבדין מי יתן לנו תמורתו


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