Photo: Terrorists Who Carried Out Attacks Today Being Hailed as Heroes by Palestinians


Palestinians who carried out terror attacks today and were shot dead are being hailed as heroes by the Palestinians.

They were all shot dead as they carried out separate attacks in Yerushalayim, Petach Tikva and Yaffo, killing one American tourist and wounding at least 12 Israelis Tuesday afternoon and evening.

In the first attack, Abd Al-Rahman Radad, 17, from al-Zawiya village, stabbed and wounded an Israeli man in Petach Tikva.

Minutes later, a Palestinian fired gunshots at Israeli police near Salah al-Din Street in East Yerushalayim, injuring two Israeli officers. A spokesperson for Hadassah hospital later said both Israeli officers had been hit in the head. One of them, 47, was in critical condition, fighting for his life, while the other, 31, was in moderate condition.

Shortly after 6 p.m., 22-year-old Bashar Masalha from the village of al-Zawiya in the Qalqiliya district stabbed to death an American tourist and wounded at least nine Israelis.

The incidents followed a fourth attack earlier, when a Palestinian woman, 50-year-old Fadwa Ahmad Abu Teir, attempted to stab police in the Old City of Yerushalayim and was shot.

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David Steger – Israel


  1. But yet You wont hear a peep out of John Kerry or Susan Rice. They’re all worked up over Bibi’s “snub”. Pheh!

  2. Why do u show these RUTZCHIM? What is wrong with you Matzav? Giving these murderers publicity to gain publicity for yourself?
    Now let me see you publish this…and take responsibility. .


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