Photo: Rav Chaim Mendel Brodsky Davening at the Kever of his Father-in-Law, Rav Nochum Partzovitz zt”l, Upon His 30th Yahrtzeit



    • Yes. He originated from Truk. But like all litvaks (E.g. Rav Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik – who was reffered to by his last name, not the city where he was born or something……..
      His father-in-law Rav Chaim Shmulewitz zt”l who was from the town of Stuchin in the prime example.
      Much success.

  1. Couldn’t be taken on Yartzeit, as the Rosh Yeshiva was back in Toronto before 18 MarCheshvon.
    Must’ve been a few days prior to the yartzeit, when the RY was there for a day for the Bris of an einikel.


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