Petirah of Habochur Eliezer Mordechai Goldman z”l


candle-small5It is with great sadness that we report the petirah of Habochur Eliezer Mordechai Goldman z”l at the young age of 23. He had been suffering from a brain tumor and fought valiantly until his neshama returned to its Creator yesterday. The levaya will be held this morning, at 9 o’clock, in Baltimore, Maryland. Kevurah will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Eliezer Mordechai was a son of Rabbi Yehoshuah Goldman zt”l, who was the director of the Vaad of Cincinatti for seven years before he himself become sick, also suffering from a brain tumor and tragically passing away three years later.

Eliezer Mordechai is a grandson of Harav Gedaliah Doc Schwartz shlit”a, Av Beis Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council and the CRC. Eliezer Mordechai’s grandmother, Rebbetzin Shoshana Schwartz a”h, was niftar one week ago (as reported here).

He is survived by his mother. Mrs. Rivkah Lea Goldman, his brother, Reb Shaul Goldman, and his sisters, Mrs. Pesha Chaya Brenner and Chana Goldman.

May they know no further tzaar and may the Goldman family and all the relatives and friends be consoled.

Yehi zichro boruch.

 {Dovid Newscenter}


  1. A boy who was a real baal midos with yirah shamyin.He would daven with such kavanah and always with a smile on his face,you didn’t even know he was sick.A person could have of learnt alot from Eliezar.

  2. Einikel of Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Godol HaPoiskim, shlita, with his family, nistalkim be’ginzei Maroimim.
    Let them beg Yoishev Elyoinin for the Zeide continued health and well-being to be Marbitz Torah VeIras Shomaim


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