Peres: We Must Punish These Terrorist Criminals


shimon-peresTonight, Israeli President Shimon Peres issued a response to the awful news of the murder of the three teenagers.

“An entire nation bows its head in unbearable grief this evening. I embrace and grasp the hands of the mothers and fathers of Naftali, Eyal, and Gilad, who devoted their lives to raising their children,” Peres said.

“For 18 days, the people prayed in unison that we would find these boys alive and healthy. Now, upon receiving the news, all of Israel mourns their untimely deaths.”

“As we mourn, we must punish these terrorist criminals.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Mr. Peres is talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the one hand he says that Abbas is the best friend Israel ever had & now he is saying we should persue the terrorists? But the terrorists are Palistinians and in Peres’ mind, they are good people. Why persue good people? Mr. Peres, please explain.

  2. You shook the hand of Obama and said that this radical Muslim Hussein Obama did alot for Israel, are you in some kind of deep sleep? Time you stop speaking altogether. The Jewish people are sick of you and this lame government that allows Jewish blood to flow freely – time for G-d fearing leadership. Are you going to reward the terrorists in your Club-Med jails give them compensation for killing G-d’s beloved children. Stop bowing down to idols, obama, kerry and all the satans like them. The Jewish people don’t want you leading – do you have connections to the erev rav – you sick leadership

  3. What about the Mishtara why arnt they punished for not taking the call seriously and alerting the army they should be brought to court not dismissed .a million dead terrosits will not change anything for every terrorist taken of the street 100 more are indoctrinated do not feed terrorists do not give them water do not give them electricity do not allow food convoys remove them from all places that have acess to Jews and jewish settlements practice apart aid until it works build walls and if they shoot 1 rocket send back 100 all the people living in halhul should be removed and the village raized to the ground all their orchards should be destroyed they have no other agenda but to destroy Israel and the Jews there cannot be reconciliation because there is not with who !

  4. This happened after you went to pray at the


    We pray:

    Kaley Saer V’Chosno

    Vawlu L’tziyon Mosheim.

  5. so, Israel will kill…them they take revenge….then Israel again…then they….then…and then………..Get the point? stop politics this is a spiritual message.

  6. This is the guy that some frum people just worked to get the Congressional Gold Medal for?


  7. Mr. Peres is one of the only outspoken pro-peace politicians in Israel! He should be commended for taking an unpopular stand and standing up for what he believes in! Its about time the yeshiva world starts concluding that there is no natural future for the state of Israel unless peace is made! You can not contain and control millions of angry people who feel oppressed and occupied forever! The situation will explode chav’sh! Make concessions and end the conflict on your own terms before its too late!
    And p.s. i know this is not the time – but those settlers should get themselves out of there today! Its dangerous and your putting you entire families at risk! If you want to make a statement hit the streets and scream and shout – but please don’t put yourselves and the lives of your children into harms way! Move! Don’t be stubborn! Its simply not safe!

  8. May the family have a nechamah, and may the souls have an aliyah, and may the murderers not get ‘punished’ with free food, free clothes, free shelter and free education curtsey of tax payers money!

  9. May the souls have an aliyah, may the family have a nechomah, and may the perpetrators not get ‘punished’ with free food, free clothing, free shelter and free education cutesy of tax payers money.


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