Peggy Noonan: The Week They Decided Donald Trump Was Crazy


By Eddie Scarry – The Washington Examiner

Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan said Donald Trump doesn’t have what it takes to win the White House.

In her latest column, titled “The Week They Decided Donald Trump Was Crazy,” Noonan wrote that the celebrity businessman has been unable to “take yes for an answer” from the voters who made him the Republican presidential nominee.

“This is what became obvious, probably fatally so: Mr. Trump is not going to get serious about running for president,” she wrote. “He does not have a second act, there are no hidden depths, there will be no ‘pivot.’ It is not that he is willful or stubborn, though he may be, it’s that he doesn’t have the skill set needed now — discretion, carefulness, generosity, judgment. There’s a clueless quality about him.”

After the GOP convention two weeks ago, Trump enjoyed a slight bump in national and some state-level polls against Hillary Clinton, only to suffer a series of setbacks caused by his own controversial comments.

As a result, his numbers have fallen in more recent polls and Clinton’s have risen in light of intense media scrutiny on Trump.

“All the damage done to him this week was self-inflicted,” Noonan wrote. “The arrows he’s taken are arrows he shot.”

Eddie Scarry – The Washington Examiner



  1. peggy peggy who cares what you think?
    when someone makes sweeping conclusions
    based on their preconceived notions of what
    is crazy and election is three months off with
    no doubt many twists and turns to come, it’s
    hard to take her seriously. she never liked him
    and his remarks are her excuse to blast him.

    • Care or not – her points are something anyone should consider.
      Trump is definitely focusing on the wrong messages. Everything revolves around him, at least that what he has been showing. There is no person that argues on that point.


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