Peekskill Cop Who Fatally Struck Jewish Student Gets off With a Summons


An off-duty Peekskill police officer who struck two teenage yeshivah students in MOnsey, NY, in September, killing one and injuring the other, was issued four traffic summonses, including for speeding and making an unsafe lane change, Ramapo police said Friday, Kol Haolam reports.

Jonathan Mosquera, 24, was on his way to work at night when he caused the death of Mordechai Tawil z”l, 17, who had just arrived that day from Argentina to resume studying in Yeshivah Tiferes Torah for the new zeman. His classmate, David Malanado, 19, of Monsey, was injured.



  1. If he was a non cop, he’d be charged with manslaughter. This country is going deeper into a chaos – there can’t be a law abiding society when those who are tasked with upholding the law can violate the law with impunity.

  2. what an inflammatory headline. It was a dark hilly street, and the boys were walking, and almost impossible to see. His hitting them had nothing to do with being a cop, and everything to do with being a driver who made an error.

    • If you speed and make unsafe lame changes on a “dark hilly street”(as per assertion in your comment) you are playing a Russian roulette with the lives of other people on the road, which qualifies as manslaughter. How do I know he was speeding? He got a issued the traffic summons. So, the gubmit admits that the perpetrator was driving in a manslaughtery way, yet refuses to actually charge one of their own with manslaughter. And that dear children is another example of corruption and chaos overtaking the law abiding society.

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