Parnassah Network Sales Training Seminar for Lakewood and NY


Due to the high demand of quality business education in our community, Parnassah Seminars full day sales training course servicing the lakewood and NY community’s will be hosting its next full day sales training seminar in Brooklyn next week. These seminars are geared towards business owners and professionals who want to further their knowledge in a specific area. Past seminar topics included launching a business, online marketplace, sales, and social media.

As a part of the OJC (Orthodox Chamber of Commerce) division of Parnassah Network, these seminars provide a full day of presentations and networking. This unique opportunity to receive vital information and knowledge while learning from experts is very much a result of the OJC’s initiative to help Jewish business owners. By providing them with up-to-date training that is both affordable and accessible, the OJC and Parnassah Network have been able to help hundreds of people in their businesses and jobs.

On March 29th, a full day seminar titled “Sell with Success” will be held in the Renaissance Ballroom in Boro Park. Some of the topics to be addressed include setting goals, understanding & mastering the sales process, listening to what the buyer wants, cold calling, benefits vs. features, dealing with difficult customers, handling rejection, and networking. The seminar is perfect for those who own businesses as well as those who are in the sales profession.

Like all their seminars, the presenters were carefully selected for their expertise in the field. A variety of presenters with broad background in sales will focus on different aspects crucial to being successful in sales. They include Shimmy Braun, regional director of physician outreach for Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn with 25 years sales training experience; Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, Certified Google Trainer, and Master Lead Generator; Berry Schwartz, program leader at Landmark – high-performance coach and consultant, founder at the Unity Run, and Jerry Steinberg, President at Global Commerce Advisors Wholesale Accounts and Chain Stores Sales Specialist.

Parnassah Network’s “Online Marketplace” March 17th seminar in Toms River is already almost sold out and the organizers of this seminar in Brooklyn are confident that it will be well received by business owners and professionals in the New York area.

Parnassah Network seminars are open to both men and women. Click here to find out more about the upcoming Sell With Success seminar in Brooklyn.



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