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parnassah-seminarsBy L. Halevi

Just a few weeks ago, Parnassah Network held a sold-out seminar regarding the popular topic of “Online Marketplace Selling”, and the overwhelming positive feedback from the many attendees was a testament to the importance and effectiveness of this worthwhile project of full-day seminars on various relevant topics.

Two weeks before the seminar date, all the seats were filled and another few seats were opened up, and indeed the room was filled to beyond capacity. An additional group of people who wanted to attend were turned away, and placed on a waiting list. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, the folks at Parnassah Network got right to work and began organizing a repeat seminar, so as not to leave those on the waiting list hanging for two long.

Once the seminar planning board was in planning mode, they decided to organize a repeat of another popular seminar that was held back in July of 2014, on the topic of “Launching a Business”, which was also extremely beneficial to many people and had many people who missed it asking for another one.

Moreover, once they were on a roll, the Parnassah Network seminar team collaborated with the Parnassah Network “Women In The Workforce” division to organize yet a third seminar, this one for women aged 40 and over only, to assist them with tools and resources to successfully re-enter the workforce after a hiatus to raise their children.

All in all, Parnassah Network has planned three intensive, full-day seminars to take place in the span of two days, February 17th and 18th, in the Sheraton Hotel Conference Centers, in Edison, NJ.

The presenters at the “Online Marketplace Selling” seminar will include Sam Brownstein, builder of several thriving Amazon businesses, Jeremy Greenberg, CEO of SellerCloud, Avi Rosenthal, e-commerce consultant, Rosy Deals, and Chaim Sofer, Marketing strategist at RelSmart Marketing.

The presenters at the “Launch Your Business” seminar will include Ami Bielinki, Managing Director at Cherristone Interactive, Noach Burton, Attorney, partner, Schwartz Burton LLP, Seth Farbman, Chairman of Vcorp Services, co-founder of Vintage Filings, Vstock transfer and Vcheck Global, and David Rosen, General manager of Four Corners bagel & Café, former multi-unit licensee, director of operations at Starbucks coffee.

The presenters at the “Successfully returning to the Workforce” women’s seminar, will include Sara Brejt. Esq., .The Step Before Parnassah Coach, Penina Haikins, Director of HR, Beth Medrash Govoha, Devora Hirsch, Comp4U computer courses and Sori Leshkowitz of Stellar Resume. This seminar will be chaired by Tova Herskovitz, LSW, coordinator for Parnassah Network’s Women in the Workforce division.

Each of the aforementioned seminars has the powerful potential to make a real difference in the lives of the attendees and their families, and if past seminars are any indication, the success of the upcoming seminars is set to be amazingly effective.

The “Online Marketplace Selling” and “Launch Your Business” seminars are open to men and women; separate seating. All the seminars will include breakfast and lunch and also include networking sessions and question and answer opportunities. The cost for a full day at any of the seminars has been subsidized and thus a low, all-inclusive $199. Seating is limited to 40 attendees per seminar, so if you want to attend, please register right away to ensure availability.

To register for the seminars, visit

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