Papal Gridlock Comes to NYC, DC, Philly – No Mail, Deliveries in Many Locales


gridlock nycAmong the many precautions being taken ahead of Pope Francis’s visit to America is a ban on flying drones in New York—and a shutdown of postal service to some neighborhoods.

Francis will effectively shut down Washington, D.C., too, with federal employees being told to work from home—the Papal equivalent of a “snow day.”

He will also have a Spanish-speaking Secret Service agent by his side at all time, in addition to his usual Swiss Guards. Read more at The New York Times.



  1. this is so ridiculous. who is this man that the eastern seaboard has to be shut down to care for him? he is a bossar v’dum(B). why is he being treated like some kind of diety and why do we taxpayers have to pay for it? i, and many others, had to change my plans for sukkos because it will be impossible for me to get to where i wanted to be3 for the yom tov


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