Palin: ‘I Can Keep an Eye’ on Russia


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Sunday jumped into the fray about Russian interference in the presidential election, echoing President-elect Donald Trump’s comments that Democrats are simply sore losers, reports the Daily Beast.

“Russia’s getting out of hand? So says the defeated,” she wrote on Twitter, apparently skeptical of the CIA’s conclusion that Russia intervened to Trump’s benefit. In the next line, Palin appeared to try to remind the world why she is still relevant, referencing a line she is perhaps most well-known for: “Not to worry… Remember I can keep an eye on them from here.” Palin famously argued in a 2008 interview that she was qualified to be vice president because her close proximity to Russia gave her experience in foreign affairs. “They’re our next-door neighbors.… And you can actually see Russia, from land, here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska,” she told ABC News.



  1. I don’t know if anyone knows this but during WWII there were Alaskans watching Russia and the other Pacific areas for advancing of troops from other countries. They figured the Alaskans were use to the weather and could tolerate all kinds of conditions that other people could not. So Yes she can see other nations from her window called Alaska.

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