Palestinians Threaten Their Own Businessmen


palestinian-gunmenPalestinian businessmen who dared to meet with Israeli colleagues in recent days are now facing threats and calls to boycott them and their companies. Last week several Palestinian unions and political groups held a press conference in Ramallah to strongly condemn Palestinians who meet with Israelis. The chairman of the Palestinian Writers’ Union, Murad Sudani, threatened to publish a “blacklist” with the names of those caught meeting with Israelis.

So far, not one PA official has come out against the intimidation of Palestinian businessmen. Many of those responsible for the “anti-normalization” campaign are, in fact, affiliated with Mahmoud Abbas’ ruling Fatah faction.

The campaign of intimidation will not only foil Secretary of State Kerry’s plan to boost the Palestinian economy, but also scare away potential investors from launching badly needed projects in the West Bank. Once again, the biggest losers are the Palestinians. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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