Palestinian Government Will Recognize Israel


hamas-fatah-mashal-abbasThe Palestinian’s new government – featuring the Hamas terrorist organization – will recognize Israel, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly told John Kerry.

According to a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, Abbas told the Secretary of State that his country’s new government, united with Hamas, will renounce violence and recognize Israel.

“[Kerry’s] view is this is a moment of transition and part of the process. We are in a holding period where parties need to figure out what is next,” the spokeswoman told reporters Friday. “We have always thought there could be a point where we needed to pause and both sides needed to look at what was possible. And we’re clearly at that point now.” 

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. Such a fine day. Really. They are ready to declare that they have no purpose in killing jews anymore. That’s really the course right? After all, they are not really on our land or trying to unseat our authority at all are they? Could this finally be the break we are looking for as a peaceful coexistence?

    I predict that Abbas will be smiling with his own gloved heart in his own lost commercial of hate for a blameful cause. And his reality is very likely not to be a press announcement of any reality since he is a criminal.

    Wait and see.

    Keep your kippah on.

    He has no confederacy of his own sovereignty.

    Lost Values and Lost Heart are not Remembrances of Human Atonement.

    Never Again.

  2. Lets just say for one second its true and I dont want to buy a bridge…
    If we cant get along with each other how would this even help?

  3. When I read that Abu Mazen has now called the holocaust the greatest “most heinous crime in the modern era”, I decided that he must mean that his own people were the culprits. For after all, who is more Loving to Israel than the limits on change in the world of a bad review of pain? The holocaust was not the most heinous crime in the modern era. It is the most heinous crime in history of all days ever. And if you think that Abu Mazen is ready to deal with the real social trust issues, just watch as he cleverly steers his way around the steel pilons of Mr. Netanyahu’s trust. This is a garbage baiting game and we are a victim to his own decree of lost imagination. Let him go to DC and spend 5 hours in the Holocaust Museum. Let him give to Holocaust Charities. Let him pray at the Wall with a peace branch in his hand.

    Until he has a remarkable advantage in his own stay of lost scrutiny, we can not think that passive retention of a new manageable plan of interest in “jewish culture and affairs” is a real markup for a peaceful restitution and future.

    Just another prince in a poet’s section of pain. And another pain in the princes section of time.


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