Palestinian Forces Raided Home of PA Policeman Before He Shot 3 IDF Soldiers


The Palestinian Authority attempted to arrest the Palestinian officer who wounded 3 IDF soldiers near Beit El on Monday.

“The [PA] security forces came to our home about an hour before he carried out the operation and confiscated [illegal] weapons,” a brother of Muhammad Turkman told the Jerusalem Post. Another relative said that after the raid, Turkman’s “mother called him and told him the officers confiscated his weapons. He then became really angry and carried out the operation [against the soldiers]. He did not plan to carry out an operation. It was spontaneous.”

The brother added that Turkman carried out the attack because he thought he had nothing to lose. “Muhammad knew that they [the PA] were coming to arrest him.” He is the third member of the PA security forces to carry out an attack against the IDF in the last year.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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