Paladino to Pelosi: “You’re a Sick Woman”


paladinoNancy Pelosi has scored an unlikely new pen pal: Former New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who replied to a mass Pelosi fundraising e-mail by describing the former House speaker as “a sick woman.”

On Thursday, Pelosi blasted out an e-mail passing around the hat for Democratic House candidates who support collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin public employees currently locked in a battle with Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

“Here in Washington, House Republicans are actively backing Governor Walker and his claim that working families are responsible for our current deficit,” she wrote to Democratic contributors – including, as luck would have it, the combustible Paladino, who has backed candidates from both parties in the past.

“U r a sick woman Nancy,” Paladino wrote back, unwittingly sending the message not to Pelosi herself, but to a general email box maintained by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The missive quickly made the rounds of Democrats on the Hill – and one of them passed it along to POLITICO.

Paladino, reached at his offices in western New York late Friday, confirmed he had sent the message and expressed annoyance at Pelosi’s solicitation emails, saying, “I get ‘em all the time… I can’t believe they send out this stuff!”

He said he passionately supports Walker in his bid to bring down pension and labor costs. But he was most upset by images of protesters drowning out GOP legislators at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.

“It’s certainly their right to occupy the Capitol, but my issue is with the lack of civility,” said Paladino, who was routed by Democrat Andrew Cuomo last fall by a 61-to-34 percent margin after a gaffe- and outburst-filled campaign that included a nasty confrontation with a high-profile tabloid columnist.

“Gov. Walker is on the cutting edge when it comes to dealing with all the problems we have to tackle in the next decade… It would be disgraceful if he was to defy the will of the people simply because he was intimidated.”

Paladino, known for his temper and deep pockets, got especially worked up when asked about Cuomo’s performance so far – and said the new governor was “wearing the mask” of a budget-cutter by promising to reduce pension and benefit costs for state employees. But things quickly turned personal.

“He can’t help himself, he appointed his own father Mario – what is he, in his 80s?” asked Paladino, referring to a judge’s appointment of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, a 78-year-old lawyer in private practice, as arbitrator in the dispute between the Mets and Bernie Madoff’s creditors.

“These people just can’t stop feeding at the public trough,” he fumed.

Cuomo the Elder, who will likely be paid standard legal fees by the court, didn’t immediately respond to a call for comment.

{Politico/ Newscenter}



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