Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Suffers Heart Attack


mubarak1Ousted President Hosni Mubarak is hospitalized after suffering a heart attack while being questioned by prosecutors. “Former president Hosni Mubarak went into intensive care at the Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital after suffering a heart attack,” the official MENA agency said.

Mubarak went into hospital at 5:00 pm in the Red Sea resort where he has been living with his family since nationwide protests forced him to step down in February.

Mubarak and his sons Alaa and Gamal were being questioned Egyptian state prosecutors investigating accusations of embezzlement.

The elder Mubarak says details of their bank accounts will disprove suspicions of profiteering and illegal gains.

The Mubaraks are also accused in “connected to the crimes of assault against protesters, leading to deaths and injuries,” the official MENA news agency said on Sunday.

The military has been in charge since February 11, when Mubarak’s resignation was announced.

Top military leaders dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and vowed to remain in charge until elections can be held in six months or so.

The sheikh praised “the armed forces’ statements on protecting the revolution and their promises for a democratic transition of power” and hailed the nation’s courage and unity.

“The people changed so God changed their destiny. The state of fear crumbled. The old Pharaohs used to scare people and the old regime did the same but the young people insisted and they raised our heads with pride,” said Qaradawi, who has lived in Qatar and has a Qatari passport.

“Egyptians stood together, Muslims and Christians, and the revolution brought down the sectarianism that they (the old regime) promoted for so long. We saw Christians protecting their Muslim brothers while they prayed in Tahrir Square during the revolution.”

{WSBT.com/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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