Orthodox Candidate Walks The Extra Mile – For Shabbos


baerThe Dallas News reports: Candidates are known to push hard for endorsements. They make promises, utilize key connections and, perhaps, give donations. Steve Baer, 47, a contender for district judge in Criminal Court 7, walked the extra mile – literally. On Feb. 6, the Progressive Voters League-New Era held candidate screenings in southern Oak Cliff.Baer, a criminal defense attorney who has done a lot of legal work in southern Dallas, wanted very much to have the group’s endorsement, particularly since its leaders are influential in the Democratic primary.

But Baer had a problem. The screening was scheduled for Saturday, and since he’s an observant Jew, it would take some effort and ingenuity for Baer to be able to make his pitch.

“I had to be at a place where I could at least be in walking distance by sundown on Friday,” Baer said. “Having been familiar with that part of town, I found a hotel within two miles.”

To call where Baer stayed a hotel is kind. It was more like a no-tell motel, though it served its purpose.

“It wasn’t one of the nicer hotels,” Baer confirmed, adding that he didn’t want to trash the place.

Baer got up Saturday morning and walked a couple of miles to the church, where he gave a brief presentation to the group. Then he bundled up and walked back to the hotel.

That’s when, according to Baer, a motorist stopped to ask him whether he was lost or needed a ride.

“I told him that I thank you, but I’m an observant Jew. I can’t get in the car. I can’t make a phone call,” Baer said.

When he mentioned he was a candidate for judge, the motorist wrote out a check for a campaign donation.

But because it was the Sabbath, Baer couldn’t take the check. He dropped by the man’s house a few days later to pick it up.

“That to me was a blessing,” he said.

Later that night, the Progressive Voters League endorsed Baer over Mike Snipes, a sitting judge who is backed by much of the county’s Democratic establishment.

Stephen Jones, president of the Progressive Voters League, said the endorsement was based on Baer’s credentials, not his journey to the screening.

“But it did impress us that he would do such a thing,” Jones said.

Baer said he was thrilled with the endorsement.

“I’m fighting for people who need us to fight for them,” he said. “And to reach this important voting bloc in the Democratic Party, I’ll go the extra mile.”

{The Dallas News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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