Organizers Plan ‘Name Tag Day’ To Make New York A ‘Happier City’


nycA group is encouraging New Yorkers to spend a day wearing name tags.

Organizers, led by Williamsburg filmmaker Michael Morgenstern, have declared June 1 Name Tag Day in New York City. Between 11 p.m. and 5 p.m. that day, volunteers all around the city will hand out tens of thousands of name tags in an effort to “encourage New Yorkers to talk to each other more and make the city friendlier.”

“The size of the event depends on who gets excited about it,” Morgenstern said in a news release. “We want to hand out 200,000 of these, and if we can, we will.”

Organizers hope to encourage people to interact who otherwise might not, and break down social, demographic and other barriers that might stand in the way of friendliness.

“A name tag is more than a name. It says, ‘Hi! I want to talk to you,'” Morgenstern said in the release. “That openness propagates outward exponentially over time to make a happier city. Think of the number of conversations or joyfully spontaneous interactions that will be had by everyone who takes a name tag.”

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  1. That sounds great
    It appears they took the idea from Europe with
    the Star of David, it was very popular in Europe in identifying the Jews
    Is this the beginning?

  2. Getting rid of our supreme ruler, his highness, Lord Mike Bl$$mberg, would be a good start! I would feel much happier when this PAIN is gone from our lives!


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