Oorathon to Be Broadcast On 77WABC


77-wabcThe Oorah-thon this Motzoei Shabbos is going to be broadcast live on 770 WABC, a breakthrough for the annual Oorah event. Traditionally, the Oorathon had been broadcast on smaller stations such as WEVD or 620, but this year Oorah has arranged with WABC to air the program.

77WABC’s 50,000 watt clear-channel signal can be heard in 38 states and Canada. Two years after its debut, WABC-AM – then known as WJZ – moved from a small studio in New Jersey to New York City in May of 1923. In 1953 the flagship station of the American Broadcasting Company, operating on 50,000 watts of power, changed its call letters to WABC. Growth continued for WABC, and by 1976 it boasted a weekly audience of more that 5 million listeners.

In May of 1982, the station switched to a talk format. By the early 1990’s, WABC had carved a niche for itself as a personality-driven talk radio station. In February of 1996, ABC merged with The Walt Disney Company.

 {Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}



  1. “Es toot vey in der hartz, az mer hut ah zelecheh bilder (ah yid mit ah hoot foon shmatteh klutz) aroom oonzer heiligeh shtudt!”

    Tze ken zein az es iz ah groiseh chillul Hashem!

    Zeit moichel oib mein yiddish is nisht tzoo fein, ubber ich hub nisht gevult machen nuch a chillul Hashem – oib anderer sort menshen vet reddin duss.


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