Only 7 Percent of Journalists Identify as Republican, Outnumbered 4-to-1 By Democrats


mediaA new study indicates that Republican presidential candidates may be correct in claiming that the media is inherently biased against them. According to two journalism professors at Indiana University, only 7 percent of journalists identify as Republicans, and they usually donate to Democrats, reports The Washington Times.

The Indiana University journalism professors, Lars Willnat and David Weaver, found that self-proclaimed Democratic journalists outnumber those who identify as Republican by a 4-to-1 ratio.

Twenty-eight percent of journalists say they are Democrats, but only 7 percent call themselves Republicans, however, both numbers have declined since the 1970s as the number of journalists identifying as independents continues to grow, according to the Times.

“There’s something in the DNA of liberals that makes them want to go into jobs like the arts, journalism and academia more so than conservatives,” Washington pundit Tim Groseclose told the Times. “Even if you’re just trying to maximize profits by offering an alternative point of view, it’s hard to find conservative reporters. So it’s natural the media is more liberal.”

David D’Alessio, a communications sciences professor at the University of Connecticut at Stamford, agreed that there is bias in the press, but said it all evens out in the end, as most reporting is balanced to meet the wants of the moderate reader base.

The research comes following the third Republican presidential debate, hosted by CNBC and widely criticized by conservatives for questions seemingly designed to pit Republicans against each other rather than generate discussion on substantive policy positions.

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