Obama Says There Are “Very Real Differences” Between Him And Netanyahu, Will Not Meet Bibi


obama-netanyahuPresident Barack Obama today addressed the crisis over Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s planned speech, saying “very real differences” exist between him and Netanyahu over the negotiations with Iran and imposing new sanctions on Tehran.

Obama said that he does not plan to meet Netanyahu during his planned visit in Washington because it is customary not to meet a foreign leader when an election nears in his country.

“As much as I love Angela, if her election were two weeks away, she probably would not have received an invitation to the White House,” he said at a press conference alongside Angela Merkel. “And she probably wouldn’t have asked for one.”

The U.S. president rejected the demand made by Netanyahu and Republicans to impose new sanctions on Iran. “What the rush?” he asked. “Unless your view is that it’s not possible to get a deal with Iran and it shouldn’t even be tested. And that I cannot agree with.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. “Unless your view is that it’s not possible to get a deal with Iran ..” yes exactly iran wants weapons to threaten israel or destroy them, and no deal can be made with them Barack-hussein jew–hating muslim

  2. Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush 41, and now Obama. There have been other presidents who were unfriendly to Israel, but fortunately most have been good – even a couple who were antisemitic personally. Hopefully the Democratic candidate in 2016 will be receptive to restoring the relationship to what it was before Obama’s “cold peace” with Israel and Netanyahu.

  3. Bambi, you’re a bigger fool than anyone could have earlier imagined! You add new meaning to the word feckless! Shameful & shameless!
    How would Bob Grant referred to you; I wonder!

  4. When Mit Romney was running for President, he travelled to Israel and met with Mr. Netanyahu and no one made a peep. Why is this any different? Mr. Obama has shown time and again that he hates Israel, hence Jews in general.

  5. Like England’s Chamberlain who appeased the Germans for five years before WWII and failed – Obama is trying to appease the Iranians. He is insulting and condescending to his most faithful allies- Israel and Germany- and tries to appease and “understand the needs” of our most scary enemies, who threaten to destroy us all chas veshalom. The gemara Sotah says that in the times of Moshiach, emes will be sheker, and sheker will be considered emes. Obama lives as a shakran, who has switched the reality of truth to the false world of lies.

  6. “Very real differences”, yes indeed.

    Obama: Believes endlessly extended talks will prevent Iran from getting nukes.
    Netanyahu: Believes Iran is happy to keep talking while its centrifuges keep spinning.

    Obama: Doesn’t believe Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was serious when he said Israel must “…be annihilated”.
    Metanyahu: Believes Khamenei means exactly what he says and would if he could.


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