Obama, Same Day That He Stabbed Israel at the UN, Wishes Jews “Happy Hanukkah”


President Barack Obama issued a Chanukah greeting on Friday, the same day that he stabbed Israel in the back by abstaining from voting in an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations.

Here is his statement:

“For more than two millennia, the story of Hanukkah has reminded the world of the Jewish people’s perseverance and the persistence of faith, even against daunting odds. For more than two centuries, the meaning of this holiday has inspired an American tradition of religious freedom — one codified in the Bill of Rights and chronicled in the enduring promise President George Washington made in his letter to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island: that the United States “gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.

“May the flicker of each flame in every Menorah remind us all of the profound miracles in our own lives. And may the light of hope we shed continue to drive out darkness and brighten the futures we build for our families, our neighbors, our communities, and our world.

“On behalf of Michelle and my family, Chanukah Sameach. Happy Hanukkah!”



  1. He’s just being politically correct. He hates Jews and hates Israel. He will go down in history as, perhaps, the worst U.S. president ever and his “reward” is waiting for him in the next world.
    A Freilichen Chanukah everyone!

  2. Really is there anyone who thought his
    Happy Chanukah meant anything!!
    How gullable can anyone be. He has shown his true colors already. Only someone who
    refuses to acknowledge reality could
    be surprised!

  3. He left his legacy
    Arab spring
    US race relations
    Now israel which was stabbed in the back continuously
    Maybe he can go golfing or have a beer summit
    What were his other bad policies? Can you name them all?

    • Leading from behind.
      Egyption revolution from the begining to the part where he tried to punish the seculer regime that took the country back.
      The failure to take advantage of a potential overthrow of the tyrannical iranian regime.
      what about the failed election of Hillary Clinton.

  4. Please don’t say hurtful things about our first African American President. President Obama is the greatest friend Israel ever had.

    • who cares that he is the first Black President? are you judging him by the color of his skin???? hypocrite much!!!!!!!! greatest friend? or didn’t want to have any more enemies in politics as is!but apparently his real persona won out in the end

  5. as first black president he had the opportunity to raise the standard of his people. instead, he has demeaned them by encouraging rioting vandalism etc. i think many black people are disgusted with him

  6. The UN resolution is irrelevant. Three weeks are hardly noticeable.
    The wishes are better than ill-wishes, would you rather the POTUS suggested something vicious be done to our people on Hanukkah?
    And the anger is very understandable, yet there is a difference between supporting / not supporting the policies of the current govt of the Medinat about housing, commercial, industrial development in areas beyond the former green line, the Medinat itself, and even more deeply, Klal Yisrael.

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