Obama: People Only Think Hillary’s ‘Hiding Something’ Because She’s An Ambitious Woman


By Ben Shapiro

On Monday night, failed President Barack Obama appeared with failed comedienne Samantha Bee to discuss failing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “When Hillary is president,” Bee – officially named The Unfunniest Person In America™ by popular acclaim this year – asked, “what do you think will be the female equivalent of ‘you weren’t born in this country’?”

Obama answered quickly, “I think the equivalent will be: ‘She’s tired. She’s moody. She’s being emotional.” He added, “When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted. ‘Well, of course, they should be ambitious.’ When women are ambitious, ‘Why?’ That theme, I think, will continue throughout her presidency, and it’s contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.”

Well, no.

What’s contributed to the notion that Hillary is hiding something is that she’s clearly hiding something. She had a private email server constructed to hide things. She had 33,000 emails deleted to hide things. She told her aides to use the private email server to hide things. None of this has to do with her genitalia, but the left is already prepping the narrative: to criticize Obama was inherently racist, and to criticize Clinton is inherently sexist.

Joe Biden sounded off on the same topic on Sunday, as The Huffington Post notes: “I get all of this credit for being authentic, and you know, and now even Biden gaffes are now, you know, ‘Biden tells the truth,’ kind of thing. But, I’m a guy.” Actually, people think Biden is authentic because he’s authentically idiotic – nobody fakes idiocy, unless they’re attempting to escape suspicion about murdering an uncle in Denmark. But Hillary is inauthentic – she requires twelve people to vet her tweets, hides from a press conference for nearly a year, and can’t even manage a non-staged reaction to a balloon drop at the Democratic National Convention.

There are many authentic women in politics. There are many honest women in politics. Hillary Clinton is neither.

But the Democrats won’t let that stop them from constructing a new war of the sexes in order to cover for their lackluster, corrupt candidate. After all, they initiated a new era of racial nastiness in order to prop up President Obama’s failed policies and executive usurpations.

This article first appeared at THE DAILY WIRE.



  1. Lol Ben Shapiro
    “officially named The Unfunniest Person In America
    while you are funny making suff up she is much funier than you

  2. Maybe it’s because she lied about having pneumonia.
    Maybe it’s because she wore a hidden earpiece while being interviewed.
    Maybe it’s because she cheated with the debate questions, aided by Donna Brazile.
    Maybe it’s because lying comes to her as naturally as breathing.


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