Obama: Netanyahu’s ‘Interference’ in US Affairs ‘Unprecedented’


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s “interference” in US affairs is ‘unprecedented,’ US President Barack Obama asserted during an interview which will air in full tonight, Arutz Sheva reports.

Speaking to CNN interviewer Fareed Zakaria, Obama addressed tensions between himself and his Israeli counterpart over the Iran nuclear deal, arguing that Netanyahu’s opposition to the deal is wrong.

Zakaria asked Obama if it was “appropriate of a foreign head of government to inject himself into an American affair” to the extent Netanyahu has, and if he could recall similar conduct by another foreign head of state.

Obama tried to dodge the question, suggesting that Zakaria should pose his query directly to Netanyahu. Obama did, however, note that he could not “recall a similar example.”



  1. How dare that uppity Jew tell me the way to deal with an existential threat to Israel??? I decide what’s best for him and if he disagrees, he’s interfering!!!

  2. It iis not an American affair when the Iranians call for your destruction. That is YOUR affair. As Jews, we have learned from the conference at Evian that the world does not care about our safety.

  3. Wow! First he spends millions of taxpayer dollars in Israel trying to oust Netanyhu, and then he kvetches that Netanyahu involves himself in American politics. What chuztpa!

  4. Not nearly as much as bambi interference in Israeli affairs! Housing can’t be built in Yerushalayim unless bambi permits it!

  5. Obama’s interference is Israel’s internal affairs is more unprecedented! Who ever heard of one country telling another country that they cannot build additional housing in their capital? It sound like a joke but that’s exactly what the U.S. does, so Israel can do the same.


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