Obama Jokes About ‘Stellar’ 2013


obamaLaughter may actually be the best medicine after President Obama’s less-than-successful 2013. He started the annual White House Correspondents Dinner last night quipping that he usually starts with “a few self-deprecating jokes, but after my stellar 2013, what could I possibly talk about?”

The president got his biggest laugh of the evening when he said of House Speaker John Boehner, “These days House Republicans are giving him a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black.” He also brought out former Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to “fix” a supposed technical problem. Read more at Politico.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The most important aspect of this White House is to posture itself as a “weapon of mass destruction” against Republicans and any other segment in America (i.e., its enemies) that it is opposed to politically.

    Just the like Communists, in this White House, it is always “Party first” — whichever way you wish to interpret that!!!


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