Obama Billboard In Colo. Asks: President or Jihad?


president-or-jihad-smallA billboard showing President Barack Obama wearing a turban has sparked a lot of attention at the suburban Denver used car dealership that put it up. The sign, completed Friday by artist David Lee, shows a grinning, cartoonish Obama and bears the words “PRESIDENT or JIHAD?”

Underneath the president’s image is a big yellow square with the phrase, “BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PROVE IT!”

The words “WAKE UP AMERICA! REMEMBER FT. HOOD” appear at the bottom of the billboard at Wolf Interstate Leasing and Sales, about seven miles west of Denver. The sign is visible from Interstate 70.

Lee said there were plenty of honks as he painted it.

president-or-jihad“One lady came by and gave me the ‘shame, shame’ look,” said Lee, of Arvada, another suburb of Denver.

Dealership owner Phil Wolf paid Lee $2,500, according to John Moore, a photographer for Getty Images who snapped images of Wolf and the billboard.

Wolf, 57, told Moore that the dealership received more than a thousand calls from throughout the U.S. and Canada in a single day, both in support and against the sign.

“We’ve had death threats. We had people call and say they were going to firebomb the place last night,” he told Moore, adding that local police provided overnight security outside the dealership because of the threats.

Wolf, a supporter of the “birther” movement, questions President Obama’s citizenship. “We’ve got to recall our country, the election,” he said. This guy (Obama), is illegal.” He also blamed the President for the massacre at Ft. Hood. “The cavalier attitute taken by Mr. Obama towards the enemy within us is absolutely horrible. If I had a snake in the house, I would kill it,” Wolf said. Several left-leaning advocacy groups have called on the public to boycott the auto dealership.

General Manager Wayne Means echoed Moore on the type of reaction they’ve gotten about the dealership’s sign.

“We’ve had people come by and say, ‘Keep it up.’ We’ve had people come by and say, ‘Take it down,'” Means said. “We can have differences of opinion. This is America.”

The left-leaning advocacy group MoveOn.org called the billboard “racist” and was asking customers to boycott the dealership.

Lee said the billboard has previously held other slogans questioning the president’s citizenship, along with routine ads for cars.

{CBS Broadcasting/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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